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Tax Planning/Tax Opinions

Plan, in order to pay less tax. Written tax opinions to support your tax reduction plan and/or for use in audits
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Tax Debt Resolution

Audits and Appeals; Tax Collection defense; Tax Settlements and discharges; Lien and Levy Releases
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Tax Return Preparation

Current, Amended and Past due Tax Return preparation to reduce taxes and/or avoid criminal prosecution
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Tax Free Transactions

Tax free and Tax deferred transactions structuring
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Tax Rulings

Favorable tax rulings to restore lost tax elections or use for tax audits
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Tax Litigation

Admitted to practice before the following Courts for tax litigation:
US Tax Court, US District Court, California State Courts
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We have achieved many successes, oftentimes far better than expected, for those who have been audited by or owed taxes to the taxing agencies, IRS and California. We have handled a large number of such cases and have many years of in depth experience. Following is a small sample of the many matters we have successfully and victoriously handled. Click here to read a sampling of our tax successes and victories.

Three million dollar tax assessment reduced to zero

IRS Offer in Compromise for client. Reduced assessment of payroll tax penalty  from over $200,000 to around $7,000.

Applied Bankruptcy law to obtain removal of IRS tax liens filed against taxpayer, where other tax advisors, had failed.

Taxpayer’s CPA failed to obtain tax relief. Matter was scheduled for US Tax Court Trial. At that point, we were retained. We obtained 50% reduction of tax assessment;

Used Bankuptcy Code and Debt Cancellation rules to obtain reversal of IRS tax assessment

Successful Offers in Compromise with IRS and State taxing agency. Reduced federal and state assessments from a combined over $300,000 to $36,000. Client got his life back.

On a large tax matter, we obtained results for the client that no other Attorney or CPA had been able to obtain. The client had been to two other law firms and a CPA firm before he came to Yahnian Law Corporation.

Saved client’s retirement plan from levy by the IRS.

Obtained reduction of $1,300,000 IRS payroll tax assessment to $72,000. IRS released their liens and client got their life back and a fresh start.

Formulation, design and implementation of business and tax plans saving numerous clients substantial taxes

Yahnian Law Corporation battled the IRS in U.S. Tax Court on a 4 million dollar assessment. The matter had appeared hopeless to the client, and other attorneys, and client’s CPA. The matter was settled for 50 cents on the dollar.

In a case of gaining victory in what looked like certain defeat to the client, the client, faced a daunting $150,000 EDD assessment as a ‘responsible person’ of the corporate employer (that did not pay over payroll taxes). After trial, the administrative law judge found the client was found not liable

Obtained reduction of $2,000,000 plus federal income tax bill to approximately $300,000, without court intervention

IRS assessed the Client nearly $40,000 in taxes, interest and penalties. At that point, the Client contacted and hired Yahnian Law Corporation to fight the IRS and their assessment. We obtained reduction of assessment to under $200. Yahnian Law Corporation achieved a surprising and complete turn-around victory for the Client.

California State Board of Equalization assessed purchaser of motor home use taxes from purchase of RV that was to be used out of state. We obtained complete exoneration of tax assessment. Client owed nothing.

Successful reduction of IRS $1,500,000 tax assessment to under $100,000.

Taxpayer was assessed substantial penalty for alleged failure to file magnetic version of w-2s with Social Security Administration. IRS asserted failure to file penalties as a result. Yahnian Law Corporation obtained reduction to zero

Obtained reduction of IRS $1,000,000 payroll tax assessment to less than $10,000.

Client had been to numerous other CPAs and attorneys without obtaining tax relief. Client suffered from Parkinson’s disease and tax problem and IRS hounding was causing major health issues for client. We discovered that client could obtain discharge of the tax liabilities by filing bankruptcy. Client filed bankruptcy and was relieved of substantial taxes. Client was very thankful and health became better.

Taxpayer’s accountant had missed nearly $100,000 in asset acquisitions during the tax year and as a result had failed to utilize the code section deduction that allows the taxpayer to deduct equipment purchases of up to several hundred thousand dollars in the year of acquisition. My discovery of these items saved the client substantial tax dollars.

Preparation of tax opinion that concluded damages award was non-taxable to taxpayer.


  • JD (Loyola of Los Angeles Law School)
  • LLM (Tax-NYU)
  • MS Taxation (UCLA Extension)*
  • BS Accounting (USC)
    Certified Specialist by California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization:
    -Estate Planning, Trusts and Probate Law


“There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’  tax planning or tax defense strategy. Each situation is different. Each situation requires the Tax Attorney to review and analyze the constant barrage of recent (daily) legal developments and creatively, legally, and effectively apply the law and his experience and ingenuity to the particular client’s circumstances. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that online legal services and generalist or mill attorneys, or many times, even our CPA friends  are for the most part, one size fits all, or simply not knowledgeable of tax law’s incredible complexity, dynamism, and subtlety. They may not know how to  design plans  to save taxes or develop a winning strategy to deliver a client from the taxing authorities or crushing tax debt. An experienced tax attorney  can do all of this and more. A tax lawyer sees the subtle shades and permutations of tax law, and how to design, prepare, and implement a tax plan or provide effective, and complete representation  and tax resolution appropriate for a given client.STEVE YAHNIAN, Attorney/CPA, Yahnian Law Corporation

  • Federal and State Income Taxation and Planning
    • Individual
    • Partnership
    • LLCs
    • Corporate
    • Estates
    • Trusts
  • Real Estate Taxation and Planning
  • Estate & Gift Taxation
  • Estate Planning
  • California Property Taxation
  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Employment Taxes
  • Executive Compensation and Deferred Compensation
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Tax Controversies
    • Audits
    • Appeals
    • Liens
    • Collections
    • Offers in Compromise
    • Tax Litigation
Steve Yahnian has handled a substantial number of tax matters and saved his clients significant tax dollars. He has accomplished this through tax planning, tax debt resolution and other tax services. As a CPA, he has prepared a significant number of tax returns over the years.
Other Tax Advisors, CPAs and Attorneys often refer their clients or client situations to STEVE YAHNIAN when the tax issues or problems are beyond their experience, time constraints, workload or skills. At their request, we either take over the matter completely or alternative, remain in the background reviewing their work, the situation or circumstances, as they develop, thus enabling the tax professional who engages us to assist them, more effectively address the tax issues, or represent their clients and reach a successful resolution or tax savings result
YAHNIAN TAX is an affiliate of YAHNIAN LAW CORPORATION and of DSA ACCOUNTING. Each company is 100% owned by D. STEVEN YAHNIAN, Tax Attorney/CPA/CFP, the author of this web site.
YAHNIAN TAX serves as the tax information resource for taxpayers seeking tax assistance. Once you contact YAHNIAN TAX, you will be referred to either YAHNIAN LAW CORPORATION or DSA ACCOUNTING for the appropriate professional services.
YAHNIAN TAX is,  among other roles, a Taxpayer Advocate. Our client objective: Legally minimize or reduce taxes. We do this by using knowledge of the tax law. We accomplish this by reviewing the law and planning strategies, both conventional and cutting edge. Then, by  putting into practice these planning techniques we purpose to reduce our clients’ taxes. We also handle audits when a taxpayer comes to us. Finally, once an assessment has gone final, we are available for appeals and litigation to contest the same. And, if taxpayers come to us with an existing assessme
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