Tax Debt Resolution

Tax Debt Resolution (Audits, Appeals, Payment Arrangements, Settlements, Litigation, etc)

We provide direct Taxpayer representation or,  alternatively, when requested by other professionals,  direct assistance to CPAs and other tax professionals in the following:

  • Representing taxpayers in audits, appeals, and administrative hearings  with the goal of avoiding, reducing or eliminating taxes, utilizing appropriate and applicable legal tools and strategies, depending on the circumstances.
  • Representing taxpayers who are already in collection with the objective of avoiding, reducing or eliminating taxes, or working out payment arrangements, and removing garnishments and tax liens, where feasible, utilizing appropriate and applicable legal tools and strategies, depending on the circumstances.
  • As a final resort: tax litigation.
  • See the following boxes (24 areas and strategies) for our tax resolution services.

Appeals & Administrative Hearings

Appeals of tax assessments, including income taxes, property taxes, sales and use taxes, payroll taxes, and others. Administrative hearings in IRS mediation or arbitration; State Tax Administrative hearings where applicable

Asset Seizures

Contact us to intervene with the IRS or State if they come to take your assets

Assistance to CPAs and Other Tax Professionals

Other tax professionals often retain us to assist them or take over a tax audit, appeal, hearing or litigation matter

Attorneys' Fees and Costs Recovery

The Internal Revenue Code does provide for it.  But, it’s rare for a court to award them. But, in the right circumstances, if you win, you may be able to recover your attorneys’ fees and costs from the IRS

Audit Reconsiderations

In the right circumstances, and properly applied for, at times we can request and obtain an Audit Reconsideration


We handle IRS and California Tax Audits. We also take audit referrals from or often assist other tax advisors, as either co-taxpayer representative or behind the scenes.

Bank Levy Relief

Here too, we have obtained relief from Bank account levies

Bankruptcy Discharges

Bankruptcy can sometimes be an option for tax debt discharge. We have used that means to obtain tax discharges several times over the years.

Claims For Refund

We assist taxpayers in obtaining tax refunds of overpaid taxes. Strict time limits apply, so you have to move quickly and follow proper procedures.

Collection Due Process Notices

IRS must give you a chance to dispute tax collection. They will send you the forms. The forms are complicated. You need help in filling these out. That’s where we can assist you.

Criminal Tax Matters

We work with criminal attorneys to defend our clients against IRS or California criminal tax matters. Sometimes, you do not even realize you are under investigation. The tax auditor is not your friend.

Employee v. Independent Contractor

You say the person is an independent contractor. The IRS or state of California say differently. We can help you make the right decision and avoid taxes, interest and penalties.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Tax debt incurred during marriage is usually joint. Sometimes a spouse is innocent of liability for such debt. We assist those spouses in obtaining relief.

Installment Payment Arrangements

We assist taxpayers who cannot presently pay tax debt in full obtain installment payment arrangements. The rules are complex and the applications can be daunting. That’s why you may need a professional to assist you.

Offers in Compromise-Doubt as to Collectibility

Use this strategy if you owe the tax, but have few assets and little income. IRS will often settle for much less than you owe, if you qualify. We have successfully obtained many of these.

Offers in Compromise-Doubt as to Liablility

Offer in Compromise based on Doubt as to Liability is another way to fight an IRS  tax assessment. It can be complex and onerous. But, we have achieved success using this strategy

Statutes of Limitation Defenses

We have solved many tax debt situations by asserting the statute of limitations, where applicable.

Tax Lien Relief

Releases, Discharges and Subordinations are all possible solutions to a tax lien

Tax Litigation

When all else fails, the courts may be last resort. We provide tax litigation services.

Taxpayer Advocate

When the situation is grave, collection is both imminent and unwarranted, sometimes we can invoke the jurisdiction of the taxpayer advocate. Both the IRS and the State of California have Taxpayer Advocate units, theoretically available to put a temporary stop to collection activity until issue resolution.

Tax Penalty Relief

We have obtained tax penalty relief for our clients many times over the years

Trust Fund Penalty Relief

We have successfully defended numerous taxpayers from imposition of the trust fund penalty and the California state analogous

Unfiled Tax Returns

Non filers can go to prison. Get back into the system. Start sleeping well again. Contact us to prepare past due, unfiled tax returns.

Wage Garnishment Releases

We have many successes in obtaining lifting of wage garnishments

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