The Tax Attorney/CPA Advantage



There are at least 12 reasons to choose YAHNIAN LAW CORPORATION as your Tax Law Services, Planning and Tax Debt Resolution law firm and DSA ACCOUNTING as your CPA Firm and Tax Return Preparer.   See those reasons below.  The bottom line is that STEVE YAHNIAN has the legal, financial and accounting background and experience that one needs to:

    • analyze tax problems and discern the most appropriate solutions or strategies,
    • perform tax planning and
    • effectively represent taxpayers in tax dispute resolution.


Steve Yahnian is a Tax Attorney and a CPA (California)

  • STEVE YAHNIAN is an Attorney. Through  YAHNIAN LAW CORPORATION he provides legal services.
  • He is also a California CPA. Through his separate accounting firm, DSA ACCOUNTING  he provides traditional accounting and tax return preparation services.

A Track Record of Success

YAHNIAN LAW CORPORATION and STEVE YAHNIAN have a track record of proven success, having handled a large number of tax matters and successfully represented numerous taxpayers in tax planning and tax debt resolution matters. See our SUCCESS STORIES.

Mr. Yahnian is also a California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization Tax Law Specialist

  • Mr. Yahnian is both a California State Board of Legal Specialization Specialist in Taxation Law and Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law;
  • Few attorneys and no non lawyer CPAs have the California State Bar Tax Specialist designation;
  • As of 2015, there were fewer than one hundred attorneys in the state of California with both California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization designations

Mr. Yahnian is Also a CFP

That means he has particular financial planning knowledge that works as a different perspective to the discovery and solution to tax issues and problems.

Tax Attorney/CPAs Provide Attorney- Client Privilege

  • Tax Attorney/CPAs provide protection of  client communications.
  • What you tell me is protected from discovery by the IRS.
  • CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and other tax advisors do not provide such protection, except for tax civil matters.
  • Whatever you tell your CPA is discoverable in regular litigation matters.

Non Attorney Tax Advisors Generally Only Know Taxes

  • Analyzing and solving tax problems often requires knowledge of business law, property law, and estate law.
  • Tax Attorneys have this knowledge and experience.
  • CPAs, Enrolled Agents and other tax advisors usually do not.

Tax Attorney/CPAs Have Knowledge of the Possible Criminal Issues

CPAs, enrolled agents and other tax advisors usually do not have knowledge of criminal tax matters.

Tax Attorney/CPAs Provide Asset Protection Planning Services

  • Tax Attorney/CPAs routinely provide Asset Protection Strategies planning,  counselling and implementation to their tax clients.
  • Non attorneys usually do not.
  • Most non attorneys are unaware of what asset protection planning is or how it might apply to a given client.

Spotting Other Legal Issues

Tax Attorney/CPAs, can recognize or spot other legal or accounting  issues and make recommendations for solution or planning that non attorney tax advisors often do not.

Sometimes the Best Tax Solution Involves Application of Business, Estates and Real Estate Law Principles

Related and complimentary Legal Practice Areas

  • STEVE YAHNIAN is also a Business, Estates and Real Estate Attorney
  • The most effective Tax Practitioner is often an Attorney/CPA who is also a Business, Estates and Real Estate lawyer.
  • Those other areas of law often come into play in tax planning and tax resolution.

Master of Laws (LLM) in Taxation-New York University

The New York University LLM in Taxation is an advanced course of study program in Taxation.
It has been ranked #1 by U.S. News & World Report since 1992, the year the rankings began.”

UCLA MS Taxation (Equivalent); Tax Certificate (With Distinction)

Mr. Yahnian completed the UCLA Tax Certificate program. He completed 40 quarter units in Taxation, which is equivalent to the number of university units in MS Taxation programs across the United States. The quality and extent of the UCLA  program is equivalent to an MS in Taxation from other universities. He completed this program with a GPA of 3.98/4.00 and was awarded his certificate ‘With Distinction’. The UCLA Tax Certificate Program offers graduate level tax courses that are equal to those offered in Master of Science in Taxation Programs across the United States